Mama Loves - The Best Cookie Sheets for Baking Cookies


The best cookie sheets for baking cookies that I have found are the ones that will consistently bake cookies evenly. Professional cookie sheets are not necessarily the way to go, even though they are often touted to be the best.

As a baker at heart I have used a number of cookie sheets for cookie making through the years. I have found that commercial cookie sheets are somewhat higher in quality and are often overkill. But there are those that state that a brand name (or sponsored name) cookie sheet is the best around. I disagree, some what. You can produce a scrumptious cookie on a non-professional cookie sheet. The object is to decide what type of cookie you are looking to make and how you want the final product to turn out.

I have gathered the best cookie sheets for baking cookies, in my opinion, that I have used and or have plans to use.

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 3-Piece Cookie Pan Value Set

This Faberware nonstick 3 piece cookie sheet set is looking to be the best value for your money. I am fond of the nonstick surface as it makes entirely more simply to clean up after use and makes this set one of the best nonstick cookie sheets that I have found at this price.

This set also offers a variety of sizes which is wonderful for the moments that your cookie sheets become vegetable roasting pans or Jello jiggler pans.

The semi-dark coating on these cookie sheets promote an even browning of your cookies. The darker the pan, the darker the browning that will occur. My favorite thing that happens with using the cookie sheets that have a darker coating is that you can have a soft chewy cookie with a slightly crispy edge. A real winner in my house!


Best Dark Cookie Sheets for Browning Cookies


It Doesn’t Have to Be Professional Cookie Sheets

Baker’s Secret 1114363 Essentials Cookie Sheet, Large

As a home baker for many years I know the draw that having a professional cookie sheet in your baking drawer can feel like. And I want to reassure you that you do not have to own an overly expensive cookie sheet that bears a fancy name to produce an excellent cookie!

This is one of my favorite inexpensive ones that looks like a profession cookie sheet and my wallet approves of the cost. The Baker’s Secret Essentials large cookie sheet works like a dream. Due to the semi-dark nonstick coating, it will brown the cookies to a beautiful golden color. It has some of the best cookie sheets reviews and it is one of the best nonstick cookie sheets to buy that I have found.

This cookie sheet is the large sized one and should be equal to the baker’s half sheet, which is about 17″ by 11″; therefore making it simple to make a dozen cookies at a time.

Commercial Cookie Sheets That are Within Reason

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet and Big Sheet

As far as name brand professional cookie sheets go, I do have a favorite. My Nordic Ware natural aluminum baker’s half sheet is my go to when I want to produce a cookie with little to no browning. There are some cookie recipes that I prefer to not brown the cookies so that they are soft and chewy.

This cookie sheet produces no browning for me because I use nonstick cookie sheet liners with every batch of cookies I make. I have used this cookie sheet only once without the liners and I did not like the final result. Baking on the aluminum sheet alone caused my cookies to stick; my cookies broke, and clean up was horrible. Aluminum transfers heat extremely well and I appreciate that aspect but it makes it all around easier if I use my Artisan non-stick silicone baking mat.

Best Nonstick Silicone Baking Sheets for Baking Cookies


The Nordic Ware commercial cookie sheets are highly favored in my house because they are made in the USA. The size of this baker’s half sheet is 16.5″ x 11.38″ by 1″ deep, with rounded edges that help cut down on the warping that can sometimes occur during high heat baking.

Vollrath 5314 Wear-Ever Sheet Pan, Half Size, 18 x 13 x 1-inch, 2 units

Another commercial cookie sheet pan that I have found is the Vollrath half size sheet pan. I picked this one to share with you because some of the features sound like they would be winning reasons to pick this brand cookie sheet. One of the best features I read was that it is constructed of impact resistant 18-guage heavy duty aluminum. For as rough as my kids handle dishes when they are asked to put them away, this sounds like a quality feature for me!

I was also pleased to see that the Vollrath cookie sheet is made in the USA. As a reminder, most of the aluminum cookie sheets are not coated for non-stick purposes. If that is something you are looking for in a cookie sheet, then you will need to buy a nonstick cookie sheet or buy the nonstick silicone cookie sheet liners

My Thoughts About the Best Cookie Sheets for Baking Cookies

With any product you choose to buy, determining which cookie sheet you want to buy can be a daunting task due to so many options. The biggest factor for me is to decide what type of cookies I am looking to make.

Chocolate chip cookies are ones that I tend to use a darker cookie sheet because I like to brown the edges. On the other hand, for snickerdoodle cookies I tend to lean toward the aluminum cookie sheets with a nonstick liner because the edges of my cookies will not brown.

The type of cookie will allow you to buy the cookie sheet that will work best for you.

In His Grace.