This is a collection of three novellas from some wonderful authors – Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid and Kelly Irvin.

An Amish Christmas Gift

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

Naomi King is destined to be alone forever. An Amish spinster, at least that is what her mother seems to keep telling her. At twenty-four, she has pretty much made up her mind that God has planned for her to stay at home and help raise her siblings. That is until she meets young widower Caleb Sckmucker, and his seven year old daughter Susie. Little Susie forms an immediate attachment to Naomi but Caleb is a bit more reserved in his opinion of her.

Can Naomi and Caleb learn to trust each other enough or will they both spend this Christmas alone?

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid

Abigail Kemp is a chatterbox, even her mother says so. So much so that her mother has implied numerous times that a young woman that talks too much will never find a husband. But Abigail believes that God blessed her “with the gift of gab” and she intends to use it every waking moment. That is until she begins to care for Micah Zook’s grandmother and her life is turned topsy turvy.

Micah has known Abigail his entire life and has always turned away from her constant chatter. Now that she is working for him he has little choice but to listen to her, but will it be the one thing that drives him to miss an important project?

Will Abigail and Micah make amends and reconcile or will the they keep their feelings hidden and ruin Christmas for everyone?

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

Frannie Mast has been sent to Texas to live with her aunt and her family by her parents and she knows the reason why, Richard “Rocky” Sanders. This Englischer is the reason the Frannie had to leave Missouri. He is completely off limits in every one’s mind, even Frannie’s . . . most of the time anyway.

Rocky Sanders makes a bold move and travels to East Texas to see his Frannie again. But the Amish are a pretty hard sell, and he is just a former sports coach with little to no church knowledge to go on. But something in his life is missing, and it isn’t just Frannie.

Can Rocky find that one thing his heart needs and collect Frannie along the way?

My Thoughts

Ooooh how I love a good Amish romance, so much more so when I get gather three in one book! These stories are enjoyable and a fairly quick read. I love the Christmas theme in this book and was completely captivated by each story.

Naomi’s Gift was a sweet read. I absolutely adored little Susie and her precious heart! She loved her daddy Caleb with a fierce love and he returned it in kind. They had an unbreakable bond that was sweet to read. Naomi filled me with a yearning for more children, if truth be told. Her love of children was so evident and she deserved nothing but the best. This story was a wonderful look into the family dynamics, that all families have, and how sometimes a little force and determination are required. No one should have to be unhappy just because family thinks that is the right thing to do. I was so pleased to learn the outcome for these kind and sweet characters. Thanks Amy for a lovely story!

An Unexpected Joy was totally fun. I so enjoyed reading about Abigail and her being a chatter box. I have been branded that a time or two in my life, so I completely understood Abigail’s plight. Micah was a quiet kind of man and he was a surprise for me. I thought at first he was going to be difficult so I was pleasantly surprised when everything turned out for the best with him. The ability to keep your mouth shut is one that takes copious time ad patience, in which both I am sorely lacking, so it was well written in the learning that both Abigail and Micah had to do in regards to speaking so much. I enjoyed Abigail’s and Micah’s heart and loved reading their story. Thanks to Ruth for sharing it with me!

A Christmas Visitor was an interesting read. I was a bit unsure about Rocky at first and what his intentions might be but I have to say that I was beyond thrilled with the outcome in this story. He rose to the occasion and without question deserved each and every gift he received. Frannie was a tough cookie. She was trying to follow the way of the church but sometimes your heart doesn’t make that so easy to do. Through the ups and downs each of these characters placed their trust in God and even if it was too hard on their hearts they were determined to do as God led them. Sometimes that willingness alone is enough. This was an enjoyable story and I feel in love with Rocky rather quickly. Well done Kelly!

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I hope you pick up a copy of An Amish Christmas Gift because I think you will absolutely enjoy these wonderful stories and the authors that wrote them.

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